The most advanced green lighting proprietary products

Lighting is a critical part of human health and environmental wellbeing

Light is electromagnetic radiation that affects our moods, body chemistry, circadian rhythms, and even our environment. Since 40% of electric consumption comes from artificial lighting, its efficiency is essential in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment.

Our Products


The ultimate sanitizing solution for Covid-19 & other Pathogens


For ski slopes, tubing parks, parking lots, cross country ski areas


For driving ranges, miniature golf, and night golfing


For ports, terminals, and warehouses


For classrooms, hallways, gyms, auditoriums, labs, swimming pools, locker rooms (designed with Health-bright™ technology)


For gymnasiums, indoor tennis, squash, and racquetball courts, indoor swimming pools, weight and training rooms, yoga studios, and other indoor sports facilities


For factory floors, foundries, printing facilities, warehouses, machine shops, maintenance sheds, airplane hangers


Full line of indoor retail store and restaurant lighting with Health-Bright™ and Color-True™ technologies


For highways and streets and signage


For stadiums, arenas, parks, fields, outdoor recreation areas, camping sites


Specialty indoor office lighting designed with Health-Bright™ technology


For jewelry displays, gem grading, and quality control rooms


For refrigerated warehouses, industrial freezers, and food storage facilities


For indoor ice skating rinks (ideal for roller skating rinks, too)


For roadway tunnels


Grow lighting specifically tuned with the ideal spectrum for enhanced marijuana cultivation


For all types of indoor horticultural applications

Car Lots, Showrooms and Service Centers™

For all types of Car Lots, Showrooms and Service Centers


Proprietary step-dimmable and linear dimmable electronic ballast and control system


Proprietary focusing and light dispersion geometry for full and partial cut-off lighting and creating interconnecting lighting fields


Proprietary spectral tuning technology

The Ultra-Tech™ Difference


Support & Analysis

  • Advanced proprietary photometric analysis programs to provide the right MIL fixtures for your application
  • Comprehensive cost/benefit analysis that considers:
    • electric savings based upon operating consumption and “in-rush” current
    • reduced replacement costs due to 100,000 hour lifecycle
    • maintenance savings due to long lifespan and consistent performance
    • reduced recycling costs due to solid mercury technology
    • reduced carbon footprint and quantifiable indirect carbon credit calculations
  • Comprehensive dealer network for diversified inventory stocking and expedited delivery
  • U.S.A. assembly for selective range of products
  • Installation guidelines for easy cost comparisons
  • Time-tested and time proven installations
  • 5-year standard warranty with up to a 10-year warranty option on many product lines
  • Technical consulting services

Our experienced staff is here to serve you. The Ultra-Tech™ philosophy is to provide the easiest, most cost-effective green lighting solution. We strive for maximum efficiency and ultimate convenience.


Best-in-class Solutions

Ultra-Tech™ has been a leader in introducing commercially proven lighting solutions that range from high intensity outdoor lighting to cool operating sealed refrigeration warehouse units. Look at the list of “firsts:”

  • First to formulate heat-load savings for refrigerated and air conditioned facilities
  • First to analyze and design photometric layout for Snow-Bright™ magnetic induction lighting of ski slopes
  • First to meet National Forest Service Dark Sky compliance
  • First to design customized Department of Transportation magnetic induction retrofit kit for highway and road signage illumination
  • First to create comprehensive supermarket lighting retrofit packages
  • First to introduce multi-layer lighting overlays for garages, warehouses, and recreational facilities
  • First with largest line of MIL streetlamp replacement alternatives
  • First with comprehensive Dealer Support Program (DSP)
  • First to introduce MIL training
  • First to introduce leasing for long-life MIL retrofits
  • First to provide carbon credit registration on the Global Emissions Exchange

The list of Ultra-Tech™ accomplishments is extensive. Our experience and expertise give you the assurance you need that the lighting you order will be the right product for your application.


Worldwide Representation

Ultra-Tech™ has representation around the globe… From the United States to Western Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Latin and South America, Australia, India and Africa.

Ultra-Tech™ has been helping the world go Green with products that match the electrical standards in every country. Ultra-Tech™ even has financing relationships for emerging economies to help reduce capital burdens while achieving substantial energy and maintenance savings.

Ultra-Tech™ works with government agencies to provide easy access to our latest technologies. Ultra-Tech™ has extensive training programs for foreign Dealer/Installers interested in representing the Ultra-Tech™ line and can even support local assembly facilities for job creation and economic growth.


Sales Training & More

Ultra-Tech™ Dealer/Installers and Distributors receive the ultimate support with sales training and lead referrals. Unlike other lighting suppliers, Ultra-Tech™ is committed to boosting sales and revenues for Dealer/Installers and Distributors with unique lead-generating programs, support literature, training, incentive packages, discounted samples, and financing.

Your Partner For Success

Knowledgeable team of professional energy specialists

Committed to the success of our distributors

Quick response time

Detailed visual lighting layouts

Provide professional recommendations and documentation

Project and presentation support

Project and presentation support On-site visits available upon request

Rebate, incentives, and tax credit counseling