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Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC has expanded the scope of its Vari-Lume™
June 30, 2012

Closter, NJ – Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC has expanded the scope of its Vari-Lume™ step-dimmable and linear dimmable magnetic induction lighting (MIL) across its entire line of fixtures. Vari-Lume™ proprietary technology provides the only line-dimming fully controllable ballasts available for MIL. Vari-Lume™ can be controlled from a variety of sources ranging from 0-10v to DALI. This is a true energy saving ballast that reduces wattage at the bulb without sacrificing performance. Vari-Lume™ can dim in 1% increments to a maximum of 50% in power, providing maximum versatility for all indoor and outdoor applications. When coupled with control systems, energy savings can exceed 85% over conventional HID, mercury vapor, and high pressure sodium fixtures. With a power factor exceeding .90, Vari-Lume™ ballasts represent the most efficient electronics available for MIL applications.

Vari-Lume™ is available in 48V, 110V, 225V, and new PURE-480™ 480V as well as in autosensing ballasts.

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The new line of School-Bright™
December 15, 2011

Closter, NJ – The new line of School-Bright™ magnetic induction lighting was introduced by Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC that incorporates the same Health-Spectrum™ technology used in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities. Now, educational facilities can save up to 60% in electric consumption while using the most advanced and healthful modern lighting solutions. School-Bright™ fixtures are based upon the “oldest new” lighting paradigm, originally patented by renowned innovator Nikola Tesla in 1891. Magnetic induction lamps have an extraordinary 100,000 hour life cycle equaling 11 years running 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. This important feature reduces school lighting maintenance budgets by up to 600%.

Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has advanced Tesla’s 1891 technology with electronic ballasts, nano-reflective materials, space age lenses, and proprietary designs. The full line of School-Bright™ lamps offer indoor solutions for classrooms, hallways, auditoriums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, showers, locker rooms and more. Outdoor applications include track & field illumination, stadiums, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, parking lots, and security lighting.

Indoor School-Bright™ lamps present significant health features that include no harmonic flicker, full and balanced spectrum within the visual range, extraordinarily high color rendition indices (CRI) exceeding .85, temperatures as high as 6500K which represents flat sunlight, and high lumen retention over the life of the lamp. This more healthful light addresses concentration, productivity, migraines, aggravated attention deficit disorder (ADD), seasonal affective disorder (SAD), mood swings, lethargy, anxiety, and other light related problems. School-Bright™ lights improve the appearance of printed books, computer screens, black and white boards, large form electronic displays, wall charts, and displays. Simply put, everything looks better under School-Bright™ lamps.

School-Bright™ fixtures are “cool,” operating close to room temperatures. Very little energy is wasted in heat which means there is very little impact upon air conditioning heat loads. Not only are School-Bright™ lamps energy efficient, they also reduce air conditioning electric overheads. They are even more operationally efficient with instant strike and re-strike with no warm-up or cool-down cycle. An accidental shutdown or power glitch does not delay restarting School-Bright™ lamps. Auto-sensing ballasts literally provide a one-size fits all from 110V to 277V.

Outdoor selections finally provide superior energy and maintenance solutions for virtually all aspects of school lighting. New high-intensity spot lighting enjoys 200mph wind ratings, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and superior foot candles on the ground. A wide selection of wattages translates into versatility and diversity. School-Bright™ lighting is comprehensive, effective, and the ultimate in sustainability.

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Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC has addressed lighting sustainability
November 20, 2011

Baltimore, MD – Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC has addressed lighting sustainability for America’s ports with a new line of magnetic induction high-intensity high-mast lighting. All-new Port-Bright™ fixtures deliver sunlight performance at the lowest operational cost of any alternative lighting. Unaffected by salt or moisture, Port-Bright™ fixtures are rated to sustain winds exceeding 150 mph… a Category 4 hurricane. Port-Bright™ lighting is more than lamps, it is a comprehensive lighting system specific to port and harbor applications. Every aspect of Port-Bright™ lighting has been carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of the maritime shipping industry. Panoramic 360 degree high-mast configurations exceed required foot candles on the ground and sustain performance through the entire 100,000 hour life-cycle; more than 11 years operating 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. This represents a 6-fold increase over high intensity discharge (HID) and high pressure sodium (HPS) alternatives while saving up to 60% of the electric overhead.

Today’s sustainability goals must be achieved in an economical and practical manner. Port terminal illumination is uncompromising and critical for safe operation, security, and aesthetics. That is why the full spectrum characteristic of Port-Bright™ configurations is vital for bringing the shipping industry into the 21st Century sustainability. Even after a life expectancy beyond a quarter century, Port-Bright™ fixtures are completely recyclable. The solid mercury amalgam is contained in a recoverable glass appendage (the “slug”) that is clipped and sent back to Ultra-Tech. Remaining magnetic coils and glass tubes are non-toxic and disposable in any land fill or recycling center.

The superior color rendition index (CRI) exceeds .85, allowing operators to clearly distinguish colors at night. Surveillance cameras vividly resolve figures under the full spectrum produced by Port-Bright™ fixtures. The proprietary mounting rings and brackets offer flexible lamp configurations to meet any photometric standard on the ground.

The Port-Bright™ financing program eliminates the need for capital budgets since operational savings can offset financing payment schedules. From $50,000 retrofits to multi-million dollar lighting infrastructure projects, there is a Port-Bright™ program that fits the needs and financial constraints of any operation.

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Just in time for the 2011/2012 ski season
October 10, 2011

Closter, NJ – Just in time for the 2011/2012 ski season, Ultra-Tech™ Lighting, LLC introduces its unique Snow-Bright™ magnetic induction lighting line. These are the first lamps specifically designed to illuminate ski slopes, tubing parks, cross country skiing areas, and other snow recreation facilities. Snow-Bright™ ski slope lamp geometry provides the highest visually effective lumens (VELs) with the broadest photometric patterns for greatest amount of usable foot candles on the ground. Featuring a color rendition index (CRI) exceeding .85, skiers and riders gain the most resolution of snow contour.

Ski operators around the globe are seeking a better night skiing and riding experience for their customers while answering the call for sustainability and economy. Snow-Bright™ fixtures are uncompromising on performance and quality with 5-year/50,000 hour warranties and expected life cycles exceeding 100,000 hours; 11 years operating 24 hours x 365 days per year. Resort operators can save up to 60% on electricity consumption over high intensity discharge (HID) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Snow-Bright™ models are specifically crafted to meet the varied applications of snow resorts. From parking lot lighting that helps resolve black ice to high intensity security lamps… From shoebox luminaires to 300W spotlight replacements of HPS 1,000W slope lighting, Snow-Bright™ is a full line that addresses every nook and cranny of outdoor applications. Snow-Bright™ is the perfect compliment to Ultra-Tech’s comprehensive selection of indoor ski lodge lighting.

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