An Evolutionary and Healthful Energy-Saving Equestrian Lighting Solution. Perfect for Equestrian Outdoor Venues, Stables, and Barns

When we glance at a high intensity light like an LED and get lingering dots in our vision we say to ourselves, “Oh, I just looked directly at an LED… the dots will go away soon.” When a horse does the same thing, the reaction is fear and stress over the temporary visual impairment. Do you really want to subject these precious animals to such discomfort? This is only one of the many reasons we developed Equine-Bright™ with our exclusive BRIGHT-TECH® system. Horses have highly unique vision that is particularly well suited for low light levels.

Like other ungulates, horses are active during all times of the day and night. This requires high and low light sensitivity. The biological emphasis upon rods within the retina gives horses the ability to distinguish objects at dusk and in the dark. This sensitivity makes horses susceptible to being startled and disturbed by extremely bright light. This is why recent use of LED lighting in equine settings has proven problematic, causing nervous reactions among horses from excessive glare.

Until the development of Equine-Bright™, facility managers, trainers, and riders were forced to compromise on light quality with generic fixtures like metal halide, halogen, high pressure sodium, and LEDs. None of these fixtures specifically address the unique nature of equine vision within the context of human interactions. Moreover, a lack of understanding about how horses visualize the world has led to poor design decisions for stables, barns, and competition venues including race tracks.

Our healthful energy-saving equestrian lighting is designed to create a more soothing environment for your horses while decreasing total energy consumption. Read more about our Equine-Bright ™ in our product sheets.

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Light that is safe for equine environments

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