For refrigerated warehouses, industrial freezers, and food storage facilities

High Efficient MIL Lighting for Freezers and Refrigerated Spaces

The Freezer-Bright™ 400-Watt rectangular wide-dispersion lamp can replace multiple fluorescent or metal halide fixtures and is ideal for wide area lighting in all types of refrigerated spaces. In particular, the FZBT-TL-400WA3 can be mounted at any angle to provide illumination in high ceiling facilities. A single 400-Watt Freezer-Bright™ generates more visible light than four 400-Watt metal halide high-bays for more than 80% in electricity savings including ballast overheads. These energy-saving lamps are warm to the touch and will not add to heat loads like metal halide or LED drivers. Unique nano-particle reflector has better than a 97% reflectivity index to produce uniform fully diffused light without glare. Instant strike means never having to wait for a warm-up or cool-down. Negligible in-rush current assures no impact upon demand charges.

Unlike LEDs and fluorescents, Freezer-Bright™ lights do not flicker and will not harm the eye when directly viewed. With a rated lifecycle of 100,000 hours, Freezer-Bright™ energy-saving lamps can last more than eleven years, operating 24 hours x 365 days/yr, saving more than 900% in maintenance over fluorescent, 600% over metal halide, and 400% over LEDs.

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