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The Ultimate Solution for Eco-Friendly Driving Range and Golf Course Lighting

Night lighting is the lifeblood of most driving ranges and is rapidly being adopted to extend hours of play on courses, too. New Golf-Bright™ sustainable lighting technology reduces electricity consumption by up to 85% over conventional metal halide fixtures and eliminates serious problems associated with popular LEDs that include high glare and “strobe effect” due to rapid flicker. One 300-watt Golf-Bright™ lamp can replace a 1200-watt metal halide with better overall illumination. For the first time, golfing facilities can use lighting specifically designed to track flight by matching spectral frequency to reflective properties of golf balls in motion. At the same time, Golf-Bright™ employs nano-particle full diffusion reflectors to overcome glare and light pollution. This is a major consideration as more localities adopt “Dark Sky” ordinances and “light encroachment” rules and regulations. Light pollution from driving ranges has become a political and logistical nightmare for many operations.

With a 100,000 hour lifecycle, Golf-Bright™ can reduce maintenance costs by 600% over conventional metal halide, halogen, and 400% over LEDs. This is what makes this some of the most sustainable eco-friendly golf course lighting available. The wide dispersion Golf-Bright™ light source allows direct viewing without danger to the eye. Rapid light dissipation from the fixture and the unique VARIBEAM® focusing technology can eliminate sky shields and permit proper illumination of balls in flight. There is a science to lighting golfing facilities that requires very specific designs for this highly specialized application. Until now, owner/operators were forced to adopt generic flood lights. Golf-Bright™ technology represents an evolutionary step forward.

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