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Sustainable Energy-Efficient MIL Lighting for Gymnasiums and Indoor Sports Facilities

Finally there is high efficiency environmentally friendly lighting specifically designed for gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities. Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has created full spectrum low glare Gym-Bright™ fixtures to replace conventional metal halide lamps and as an alternative to high-glare and potentially harmful LEDs. In addition to providing energy-efficient lighting for gyms, the Proprietary LUMENTEC® spectral tuning matches the reflective properties of indoor surfaces like high-gloss gymnasium floors or Astroturf® to provide the very best illumination without typical hot spots or shine off the athletic surface. Gym-Bright™ technology saves up to 85% in direct electricity use over metal halide and as much as 20% more on temperature and humidity control.

Gym-Bright™ fixtures are “cool;” operating temperatures are warm to the touch. This substantially reduces heat load. There is no radiated heat or infrared that can adversely affect athletes. With a 100,000 hour rated lifecycle, Gym-Bright™ lamps last 500% longer than metal halide, making them some of the most energy-efficient gymnasium lighting available. More importantly, metal halide loses 30% to 50% in lumen output in the first 50% of their lifespan. Gym-Bright™ fixtures retain 90% of their lumen output over 90% of their lifecycle. Gym-Bright™ lights can be turned on and off without waiting for a lengthy warm-up or cool down. The lifecycle is unaffected by on/off cycles.

Gym-Bright™ fixtures are dead silent. There is no buzz, hum, or high-pitch harmonics. No matter how long the fixtures operate, they will not flicker or pop like metal halide. Performance is smooth and consistent over the entire 100,000-plus hours. There is no better lighting for gymnasiums and other indoor sports facilities.

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For gymnasiums, indoor tennis, squash, and racquetball courts, indoor swimming pools, weight and training rooms, yoga studios, and other indoor sports facilities.


Energy-Efficient Lighting for Schools
The Ultimate Magnetic Induction Lighting Spectrum for Academic Environments

Now there is a totally unique lighting technology specifically designed for schools and related facilities. New School-Bright™ magnetic induction lighting (“MIL”) features the latest Health-Bright™ technology. Students, faculty, and workers will enjoy better visual acuity, better concentration, greater ability to resolve print on paper and images on electronic displays, less eye strain and fatigue, fewer light-related headaches and mood swings. Better light means less sensitivity to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), melatonin dysfunction, and other light related health issues.

School-Bright™ interior lighting is up to 60% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and more than 30% more efficient than conventional fluorescent T8 and T12 lamps. This provides more sustainable lighting solutions for schools. School-Bright™ offers substantially greater price/performance than LED while providing superior quality light. With School-Bright™ lighting, you reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint. An extra power-saving bonus comes from the “cool” operating temperature compared with halogen and incandescent bulbs. School-Bright™ fixtures do not add to air conditioning heat loads.

School-Bright™ fixtures last 1,000%… ten times longer than new fluorescents and 500% longer than most LEDs, making them one of the most energy-efficient classroom lighting solutions available. Equally important, School-Bright™ lighting retains more than 85% of its luminosity over the 100,000 hour lifecycle while T8/T5, T12, and LEDs rapidly deteriorate from the first moment they are installed and turned on. This means the performance you think you’re getting from other vendors may be far less and not what you paid for! This is vitally important for academic settings where light quality and intensity is critical to the overall work environment.

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For classrooms, hallways, gyms, auditoriums, labs, swimming pools, locker rooms (designed with Health-bright™ technology).


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