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Sustainable Energy-Efficient Grow Lights for Cannabis

Light plays a critical role in the development of hemp plants and the production of fatty acids associated with resins and THC potency. Empirically, the highest potencies are found among plants grown at higher altitudes close to the equator. This suggests a spectral profile mimicking conditions in these areas should provide the best results when growing under artificial lighting. With the legalization of marijuana in several U.S. states, and a likely nationwide proliferation of relaxed restrictions, substantial research has been directed toward increasing yields and potency as well as promoting varieties based upon genetics and growing conditions. The science demonstrates that light is perhaps the most important influence in determining a holistic product inclusive of potency, texture, aromas, color, consistency, and flavor. Along these lines, hundreds of proprietary strains and growing formulae have emerged, each claiming superiority over their competition.

Hemp-Bright™ grow lights are specifically designed to provide the optimal light for maximizing objectives. In fact, Hemp-Bright™ is an evolutionary leap forward in grow-light technology based upon advanced magnetic induction lights (MIL) and unique LumenTec® spectral tuning that precisely regulates color output. Not only are Hemp-Bright™ fixtures specifically designed for growing the best marijuana, They are ultra-high efficiency, extraordinarily long lasting, and environmentally friendly.

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Grow lighting specifically tuned with the ideal spectrum for enhanced marijuana cultivation.


Sustainable Energy-Efficient Grow Lights
Full Spectrum Plant Illumination Ideal for Horticulture

The Grow-Bright™ 150-Watt rectangular plant illumination flood is ideal for all horticultural applications. The small footprint and low power consumption can be deployed as either primary or supplemental grow lighting. Lightweight and durable, the GWBT-FL-150WC2 can easily be moved to different locations. Proprietary LumenTec® frequency tuning provides the ideal full spectrum with emphasis upon Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR). The low bulb surface temperature allows close proximity to plant beds. Compact profile is ideal for all mounting angles including vertical mounts for ceiling hung growing screens.

Grow-Bright™ lamps use a proprietary nano-reflector material that is also tuned to the bulb’s spectral properties. This increases energy output by 20% over conventional induction grow-lighting. Equally important, the nano-particles provide fully diffused light for maximum coverage and energy dispersion. The GWBT-FL-150WC2 replaces 600-watt high pressure sodium and 500-watt metal halide for savings exceeding 85% including ballast overheads. Auto-sensing 110V~277V ballast can accommodate long wire runs in large greenhouse facilities.

The large footprint bulb is manufactured from special purified glass and is significantly superior to LED for horticultural applications since there is no danger of overexposure and leaf burn. Negligible in-rush current can dramatically lower electrical demand charges for rapid payback when retrofitting conventional metal halide or sodium grow-lighting. Grow-Bright™ fixtures retain 90% of their lumen output over 90% of their rated lifecycle. At 100,000 hours, the GWBT-FL-150WC2 will operate continuously for eleven years at 365 days by 24 hours per day.

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For all types of indoor horticultural applications.


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