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Specialty indoor office lighting designed with Health-Bright™ technology

Healthful, Sustainable, and Energy-Efficient Office Lighting

Now there is a totally unique lighting technology specifically designed for offices and related facilities. New Office-Bright™ magnetic induction lighting (“MIL”) features the latest Health-Bright™ technology. With Health-Bright™ technology, employees will enjoy better visual acuity, better concentration, greater ability to resolve print on paper and images on electronic displays, less eye strain and fatigue, fewer light-related headaches and mood swings. Better light means less sensitivity to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), melatonin dysfunction, and other light-related health issues and Office-Bright™ is one of the most versatile and sustainable office lighting solutions on the market.

Office-Bright™ interior lighting is up to 60% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and more than 40% more efficient than conventional fluorescent T8 and T12 lamps. Office-Bright™ offers substantially greater price/performance than LED while providing superior quality light and without the dangers of eye damage from direct LED exposure. With Office-Bright™ lighting, you reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint. An extra power-saving bonus comes from the “cool” operating temperature compared with halogen and incandescent bulbs. Office-Bright™ fixtures do not add to air conditioning heat loads.

Equally important, Office-Bright™ lighting retains more than 85% of its luminosity over the 100,000 hour lifecycle while T8/T5, T12, and LEDs rapidly deteriorate from the first moment they are installed and turned on. This means the performance you think you’re getting from other vendors may be far less and not what you paid for! This is vitally important for academic settings where light quality and intensity is critical to the overall work environment. Office-Bright ™ provides energy-efficient office lighting that helps to cultivate a productive office setting.


Specialty indoor office lighting designed with Health-Bright™ technology.


High Efficiency Warehouse Lighting Using Low-Maintenance Magnetic Induction Lighting

Lighting constitutes a higher proportion of energy overheads for warehouses than for other building structures. In fact, for unconditioned space that does not have HVAC, lighting is essentially the only electrical overhead. Recently, facility managers have been faced with several lighting challenges. Notably, the “Green Movement” has raised the issue of energy efficiency for all types of leased or owner operated space. Regardless of whether electricity is a direct expense or pass-through, tenants are seeking efficiency to comply with “Green” objectives as well as reducing costs. Although efficiency is the primary motivating factor, lighting quality should be an equally important consideration. Many new lighting technologies like light emitting diodes (LEDs) and higher efficiency fluorescents (T5 and T8) carry risks and drawbacks. Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has introduced a line of high efficiency magnetic induction fixtures (MIL) that provides higher quality lighting with a longer proven lifecycle. The results are greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs, higher human performance, and greater safety.

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For factory floors, foundries, printing facilities, warehouses, machine shops, maintenance sheds, airplane hangers.


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