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Energy-Efficient Lighting for Ports, Harbors, Shipyards, Marine Terminals, and Waterways

Energy-efficient sustainable lighting has become a critical component of new sustainability and security initiatives for U.S. ports, harbors, and other marine facilities. Until now, no lighting manufacturer has addressed the highly challenging and rigorous requirements for industrial marine environments. Specifically, port and harbor lighting must be capable of delivering three to five foot candles at the ground and survive moisture, salt, heat, cold, ice, snow, high winds, and other weather conditions associated with coastal industrial properties. At the same time, new lighting should deliver better energy efficiency, higher light quality, and lower maintenance costs while being environmentally friendly.

Ultra-Tech Lighting, LLC has answered the need for a marine-specific line of sustainable lighting. Port-Bright™ is our energy-efficient harbor lighting solution with all-new fixtures that use magnetic induction lights (MIL) in conjunction with special ballasts, hardened lamp enclosures, advanced geometry, and LUMENTEC™ spectral technology. The result is a complete line of spectrum-appropriate lighting that can replace high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH), mercury vapor (MV), and other industrial lamps with greater energy efficiencies and substantially lower maintenance costs.

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