For indoor ice skating rinks (ideal for roller skating rinks, too)

Sustainable Energy-Efficient Lighting Specifically Designed for Ice Skating Rinks.

Finally there is high efficiency environmentally friendly lighting specifically designed for ice skating rinks. Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has created full spectrum low glare Rink-Bright™ fixtures to replace conventional metal halide lamps. For the first time, rink managers can have lighting that is precisely engineered for ice rink environments. Proprietary LumenTec® spectral tuning matches the reflective and refractive properties of ice and the undercoating to provide the very best illumination without typical hot spots or shine off the ice surface. Rink-Bright™ technology saves up to 85% in direct electricity use over metal halide and as much as 20% more on temperature and humidity control, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ice rink lighting solutions available. A 300-watt Rink-Bright™ fixture can easily replace a 1,000-watt metal halide. The super high efficiency ballast has a .98 power factor (PF) and draws less than 15 watts compared with conventional metal halide ballasts that can use more than 150 watts in a 1,000-watt fixture.

Rink-Bright™ fixtures are “cool;” operating temperatures are warm to the touch. This substantially reduces heat load. There is no radiated heat or infrared that can adversely affect the ice surface and Rink-Bright™ will not negatively impact humidity control. This represents significant savings on ice maintenance.

Rink-Bright™ fixtures are dead silent. There is no buzz, hum, or high-pitch harmonics. No matter how long the fixtures operate, they will not flicker or pop like metal halide. Performance is smooth and consistent over the entire 100,000-plus hours. There is no better lighting for indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks than our Rink-Bright™ ice rink lighting fixtures.

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