The Science of Lighting Snow Using Snow-Bright™

If you run a ski resort or winter recreation area you’re in the business of selling snow. Snow is your number one product, and our goal is to present your product in the best light… literally. That’s why Ultra-Tech™ Lighting has developed a comprehensive line of magnetic induction lighting (MIL). Our energy-efficient snow lights are specifically designed to address the complexities and unique requirements of illuminating snow in all its varieties.

No other lighting company has spent as much time or resources perfecting the science of lighting snow™. Until now, snow resort operators have had to use generalized industrial lighting like high intensity discharge (HID) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps for night skiing, tubing parks, cross country ski areas, parking lots, snowmobile tracks, and facility lighting. Unfortunately, none of these lamps is specifically designed to provide the appropriate spectrum and intensity required for proper snow illumination. From your own experience, you know that HPS lighting has a monochromatic orange hue that makes color rendition virtually impossible and does not provide adequate shadow resolution. Black ice becomes even more invisible under HPS and HID lamps. By the same measure, the blue bias of HID and LED lamps tends to make all surfaces appear flat. This disguises contours, making night skiing more difficult and subliminally stressful. Snow-Bright™ lighting solves these problems with unique LUMENTEC® spectral tuning while using up to 60% less power.

You can present your ski resort or snow sports venue in the best light (literally) while saving money. Contact us to learn more about our energy-efficient snow lighting solutions.


For ski slopes, tubing parks, parking lots, cross country ski area

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