Full line of indoor retail store and restaurant lighting with Health-Bright™ and Color-True™ technologies

The Ultimate Magnetic Induction Lighting for Retail Environments

Effects of light upon brain chemistry and mood are well documented. High intensity light has been used to address several conditions including general depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), hyperactivity, hypoactivity, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders, lethargy, circadian rhythm disruption and more. Additionally, the influence of particular colors and spectral intensities have been linked to behavioral modification that can impact impulsive tendencies, hunger, cravings, euphoria, anxiety, and even “flight or fight” reactions.

Ultra-Tech™ Lighting Store-Bright™ fixtures use light-induced mood enhancement technologies to increase shoppers’ propensity toward positive purchase decisions. Referencing science developed from numerous studies, spectral tuning can add as much as 20% to “positive mood,” translating into a 5% or greater top line increase. With a color rendition index exceeding .95, merchandise and labeling display in “true color” as intended and designed. Additional advantages include up to 85% greater energy efficiency over metal halide lamps, 30% to 60% electricity reduction over conventional T8 and T5 fluorescent fixtures, and significant in-rush current reductions over LED, fluorescent, and metal halide. Store-Bright™ lights are flicker-free with a 100,000 hour lifecycle that can save up to 600% on maintenance. There is no dispersed mercury, allowing bulbs to be disposed of as ordinary glass and metal.

Store-Bright™ technology provides a holistic lighting solution that enhances top line performance while reducing energy overheads and your carbon footprint. Originally invented by world-renowned Nikola Tesla in the 1890s as “the Forever Bulb,” the modern Store-Bright™ implementation presents the most exciting lighting breakthrough in more than a century.

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