Powerful enough to sanitize a car or ambulance in a minute.

Powerful enough to sanitize a car or ambulance in a minute.

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The Sterile-BrightTM hand-portable unit generates intense sterilizing radiation between 180nm to~456nm. It can easily be moved from space to space and is ideal for sanitizing cars, ambulances, emergency vehicles, food service areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, offices, refrigerators, public transportation vehicles (ships, planes, trains), conference rooms, hallways, and common areas. Designed for quick deployment, the STRL-PU-250WUV hand portable unit is extremely efficient, capable of sanitizing a vehicle interior in less than one minute. It can easily be suspended from a hook and activated using a wireless key fob. The unique hardened cage protects the induction tube from damage. Precisely spaced grid does not diminish radiation output. Powder coating is UV resistant.

Sterile-BrightTM technology should only be used in evacuated spaces free of any people or animals. Ionizing radiation generates ozone that acts as an additional sterilization agent, but can be harmful to breathe. Special care should be given to insure safe operation. Brief exposure is not dangerous. Fast-action sanitizing will not damage plastics or other materials.

Unlike typical 40-watt fluorescent lamps, a single Sterile-BrightTM hand-portable unit generates substantial energy from a 250-watt UV generator. This provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Mercury is a solid encapsulated amalgam, making Sterile-BrightTM environmentally safe and friendly. No hazardous material disposal is necessary. See technical specifications on back for more information.


  • Bright-TechTM System includes these features
  • Sterile-BrightTM LumenTec® tuned spectrum
  • Ancillary ozone production for sanitizing
  • High energy output UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C
  • UV radiation from 180nm to 457nm
  • 60° of omnidirectional radiation
  • 100,000-hour life cycle
  • 110V~277V and 50hz or 60hz auto-sensingballast, .98 power factor
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Instant strike/re-strike, no warm-up/cool down
  • Nano-particle reflector technology
  • Vari-Beam® focal technology


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