How does induction lighting work?

  • Conventional lighting technology uses electrodes or filaments, which are embedded through the lamp envelope (glass) to bring an electrical current into lamp interior.  Filaments and electrodes burn out over time. Ultra-Tech™’s induction lighting uses a magnetic field to spin atoms inside the bulb.  It operates like a particle accelerator.  The energy from the spinning atoms creates light that is tuned and transferred using phosphorous. Since there are no filaments or electrodes, there is nothing within the bulb that can burn out.  Induction bulbs are rated for 100,000 service hours… longer than any other lighting technology.

How do Ultra-Tech™ Induction lamps save energy and money?

  • Ultra-Tech™ magnetic induction fixtures use proprietary ballasts (drivers) with the highest power factor rating (PF).  These ballasts have negligible “in-rush current” which is the initial power needed to start the bulb.  This can actually lower demand charges that affect your entire electric bill.  Proprietary bulbs use a thin-film phosphorous coating process that can deliver between 95 and 105 lumens per watt (lpw).  No other induction blubs are more efficient.  Our LumenTec® spectral tuning delivers only the wavelengths you need in the highest concentrations.  Ultra-Tech™ is up to 85% more efficient than conventional high intensity discharge lights (high pressure sodium, metal halide, halogen).  The extraordinary lifecycle saves up to 600% in maintenance compared with conventional fixtures.

Why do Ultra-Tech™’s induction lamps last so long?

  • In conventional lighting like incandescent and fluorescent use filaments or electrodes that can burn out.  The also must have openings in the bulb envelopes for the wires.  Bulbs have either pressurized gas or vacuums that stress the bulb envelope and are subject to failure.  External induction bulbs are simply empty tubes with a solid mercury “slug” that provides the atoms.  All wires are outside of the bulb envelope.  Since there is no pressure or vacuum, the bulb envelope is not stressed.  When Nikola Tesla introduced his magnetic induction lighting in 1891 he called it the “Forever Bulb.” The rated lifecycle is 100,000 hours which is 11 years at 365 days by 24 hours per day.

Are Ultra-Tech™’s induction lamps environmentally friendly?

  • Yes! Although magnetic induction lamps contain mercury, it is a solid amalgam slug that is encapsulated into a glass “slug.  The solid mercury amalgam is also easily recovered and recycled. Since the lamps last so long and do not have to be replaced as frequently as conventional lamps, they use less material and energy in manufacturing. Finally, Ultra-Tech™’s lamps save energy and the related CO2 from electrical power generation.

What are components of Ultra-Tech™ induction lamps?

  • Fixtures consist of the bulb, ballast, housing, and reflector.  All parts are recyclable.

Are dedicated fixtures required for Ultra-Tech™ induction lamps?

  • In most cases, yes. Induction lamps need to be installed into suitable fixtures which have the right geometry and thermal properties to insure correct operation. Certain existing fixtures can be successfully retrofitted.

Does the operation of Ultra-Tech™ induction lamps interfere with electronic devices or communications equipment?

  • No. Under normal operating conditions, there is no interference as the lamps are compliant with FCC rules. Cell phones and other mobile devices will not experience any interruption in service due to induction lights.

Are Ultra-Tech™ induction lamps affected by temperature?

  • The induction lamps, and their microprocessor controlled ballasts operate from -40C to +60C (-40° F to 140° F).

Are Ultra-Tech™’s induction lamps “instant on” and do they offer “hot re-strike”?

  • Yes! The lamps turn on immediately with no need to cool down and very little warm-up to full brightness.  If there is a momentary power interruption, the “hot re-strike” feature turns the lamps on once power is restored.

Does the lamp orientation or vibration affect the lamps?

  • Ultra-Tech™ induction lamps are not affected by the operating position. Similarly, vibrations do not affect the induction lamps as they do not have electrodes. They have been used on bridges, in tunnels, and on outdoor signage with proven durability.

Will products or materials become damaged or faded under induction lighting?

  • Using proprietary LumenTec® spectral tuning, damaging UV light is truncated for most applications (lamp models).  In fact, Ultra-Tech™ Art-Bright™ fixtures are designed to illuminate sensitive artwork.

Can the ballast be remotely mounted from the lamp assembly?

  • The electronic ballast can be installed up to 4 meters away from the lamp.

Where can Ultra-Tech™’s induction light be used?

  • Induction lighting can be used in office buildings, supermarkets, retail stores, schools, factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities, gymnasiums, and arenas. They are also suitable for outdoor uses such as street lighting, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, shopping centers, shipping docks, car lots, golf driving ranges, ski slopes, and other outside venues.

What warranty does Ultra-Tech™ Lighting offer on its induction lamps and fixtures?

  • Ultra-Tech™ Lighting offers a standard 5-years/50,000 hour warranty.  An optional extension to 10-years/100,000 hours is also available. Warranty periods are subject to proper installation by qualified personnel and normal operating conditions. 

Is induction lighting safe to install?

  • All Ultra-Tech™ Lighting induction components have passed rigorous UL, C-UL, QPS or ESA testing and are approved for use in North America, Asia, and Western Europe.